Processes for Requesting Travel

Traveler or staff making travel arrangements on behalf of the traveler creates a trip request and submits form to workflow

Process for Requesting Travel Expense Reimbursement

  • Send an email to their assigned USS Contact using their specific USS email account with the following information:
    • Trip dates/destination (or trip number if available)
    • Trip departure/return times
    • A list of all expanses paid out of pocket
    • Mileage – total miles traveled round trip.
    • Meals – per diem or actual meal costs. 
      • Note any meals that were included as part of a conference.
    • Other expenses: hotel, car rental, baggage tips, airfare, etc. if applicable
    • Documentation required to support expenses should be attached to the email.
USS Staff
  • Will create a travel expense voucher (TEV) in a timely fashion and verify:
    • Correct documentation is attached
    • Correct MFK and iacct used
    • Expenses are in compliance with UI policy.
  • Will submit the TEV to workflow, routing first to the traveler for verification of expenses and then proceeding through normal departmental workflow approval.


Documentation for Travel Expense Vouchers

Allowable Expense Receipt/Documentation Required 

Conference/Workshop Registrations

Registration form or other conference materials that verify the amount charged to the procurement card and specify what is included in the registration. The documentation should also specify which meals, if any, were included.

Airfare - Including exchange fees and travel agency service fees.

Itinerary provided by the travel agency at the time of booking that shows routing, dates, and class of service.

Hotel Deposits

Housing form, email or other documentation from the hotel or housing bureau that verifies the amount of deposit required and charged. 


Final Check out folio, showing an itemization of all nightly room charges, taxes and other business related expenses

Meals while in Travel Status

Actual meal costs, up to the per diem amount for that destination are allowed.  Straight per diem is not allowed.  

Rental Cars and gas for rental car

Final itemized receipt given upon return of car, showing an itemization of all charges, including daily/weekly rate, refueling charges, taxes, etc.  The rental agreement given at the time of rental is not sufficient. 

Other Ground Transportation - Rail, shuttle service, etc

Rail—itinerary or receipt given by travel agency at time of booking.  Shuttle service—receipt given at time service is provided (unless charge is posted in advance of service). 

Individual Meals in Travel Status

No receipt required if individual expense is under $75.00

Airline Baggage Fees

No receipt required if individual expense is under $75.00


No receipt required if individual expense is under $75.00

Gasoline for Rental Vehicle

No receipt required if individual expense is under $75.00


Process Flow