Process for Requesting Purchase Requisitions

The PI should negotiate the scope of work and budget with the subawardee before submitting request to initiate the Preq. Initiating the PReq assumes that the principal investigator has verified that the proposed subaward costs are reasonable to the nature of the work to be performed and that the scope of work and budget are in compliance with UI and sponsor policies, including the terms of the prime award.



Provide the following information in an email to their assigned USS Contact using their specific USS email account:

  • Sub-award period of performance dates, if greater than one year.  Example:  Project period 10/1/10-9/30/15.  Subaward period 10/1/14-9/30/15
  • Direct and F&A cost figures for the subaward budget period. 
  • If replacing an existing PO, list the previous PO number
  • If requesting advance payment, attach advance payment form.  This will require DSP and GAO approval to process.  Initial payment is 20% of annual award + equipment; quarterly payments thereafter.
  • MFK (Fund 500 or 510 with Grant Program numbers that start with 1 or 2)\
  •  Attachments to be provided by department to USS staff:
  • Statement of Work
  • Detailed budget, including supporting documentation for fringe benefits if not federally negotiated.
  • Subaward Reporting Requirements form (required for subawards and amendments under federal grants). 
  • Audit Certification and Financial Status Questionnaire  (required for subawardees other than U.S. accredited institutions of higher education)
  • Subaward Sole Source Form (required for preqs over $25K).
  • Other documentation as required by prime award.


USS Staff


  • Responsible for verifying documentation is correct.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with University policies and procedures.
  • Will create Preq and send to workflow.
  • Will request a new vendor application for any new vendors.



Process Flow