Reconciliation Process for Procurement Cards

Department Responsibilities:
  • Cardholder makes purchase using their procurement card
  • Following the purchase, cardholder should email the electronic receipt, hand delivers original receipt or requests original receipts to be picked up from their assigned USS contact.  Receipts should be turned in immediately following the purchase.  It is the cardholders responsibility to turn in all receipts.
  • Copies of the original receipts should be kept by the customer until the transaction is approved.
  • When emailing, please ensure you use the USS email account assigned to your department and include the following:
    • Receipt/documentation for the purchase
    • A brief business justification
    • MFK or MFK description (specific grant, start up fund, etc)


USS Staff Responsibilities:
  • Collect receipts/documentation to the cardholders procurement card voucher.
  • Attaches appropriate documentation is to the voucher
  • Ensures purchase is compliant with University policies and procedures, appropriate MFK and iaccts are used.
  • The voucher will be submitted to workflow and routed to the cardholder for approval and then proceed through normal departmental workflow.
  • USS staff will work with the cardholder to ensure the voucher is submitted in a timely fashion as required by the Procurement Card Program.




Acceptable Documentation Includes:

  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Order form
  • Packing slip
  • email confirmation
Invoice Example

Documentation Should Identify:

  • Vendor
  • Purchase Date
  • Dollar Amount
  • Itemized Purchase Description
  • University of Iowa Ship to Addre


Process Flow