Process for Requesting eVouchers (Services and Non-Services)

eVouchers are used for a variety of direct payment requests;  refunds, reimbursements, direct payment of memberships, subscriptions, utilities, service payments to individuals, research subject payments, etc.



Semd an email to their assigned USS Contact using their USS email account and provide the following information:

  • Brief business justification of need (i.e.  Reimbursement for food and alcohol, purchase of membership)
  • Additional information depending on the request (i.e. number of individuals attending meal, description of event, why food was required and names and affiliations for those attending if less than 20)
  • MFK or MFK description (specific grant, start up fund, etc)
  • When payment is due
  • Documentation for the payment should be attached to the e-mail


USS staff
  • Are responsible for ensuring the correct documentation and compliance with University policies and procedures
  • Will follow up with the requestor for specific information which may be needed (i.e. SSN’s should not be included in emails)
  • Will initiate the vendor application for new vendors.
  • Will create form and send to workflow using correct funding

End user can request notification of payment from the USS staff or use the search function within eVouchers to look up the payment


Documentation for eVouchers

​Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Order form
  • Packing slip

Documentation should identify:

  • The vendor
  • Purchase date
  • Dollar amount
  • Itemized purchase description
  • Proof of payment (if processing a reimbursement)



Process Flow