Requesting eBuy Orders


  • Identifies need for product or service (i.e. Desktop, office supplies, scientific supplies) 
  • Requests USS staff to purchase the best price/contract option for their item within eBuy. 
  • Customer should email USS Contact using their specific USS email account with the following information:
    • Documentation or quote
    • Brief business purpose (e.g. toners, furniture for new office, etc.)
    • MFK or MFK description

IT Purchases should be discussed with your IT department prior to making a purchase. Most IT departments are responsible for determining the appropriate configuration and then requesting the purchase through USS.


USS Staff
  • Will research the best pricing/options for the purchase and share the information with the requestor as needed.
  • Will create the cart, requisition and submit to workflow.
  • Once the PO number is assigned, USS staff will email the PO number to the requestor. 


  • Responsible for receiving and returns.  



Process Flow